COVID-19 Policy

When implementing Health & safety measures in response to COVID-19 throughout the Romantic Castle of Ireland Collection, our priority is of course, the wellbeing of our guests and our staff.

We understand however, that our guests have a certain expectation of what their stay should feel like when visiting a luxury castle, this is why we have ensured when implementing control measures, that our guests experience remains true to authentic castle friendliness and charm enjoyed by our guests in the past, and for which we are renowned and that ultimately this reimagined normal remains restful and enjoyable.

Each of the castles in the Romantic Castles of Ireland collection are ideally situated on vast open estates ranging in size from 20 to 100 acres enabling all of our guests and visitors to enjoy the great outdoors and majestic surroundings each estate has to offer. From woodland walks to sauntering along the banks of the river Glyde, our guests can truly feel uninhibited during these unprecedented times.

Our spacious bedrooms ensure a safe haven for our guests to retreat to, while our generous reception rooms and suites enable our guests to feel safe when wandering the sprawling castle corridors.

Extensive safety and cleanliness measures have been implemented throughout the Romantic Castles of Ireland collection, however, should you have any queries when considering a stay at any of our properties, we will be happy to answer and reassure you.

Our Approach to safety and cleanliness:

The Romantic Castles of Ireland collection has always had and will continue to have the health & safety of our guests and staff as a daily priority, however further control measures have been implemented to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in line with Government and HSA guidelines. Our staff are committed to implementing these measures according to governmental bodies’ advice which we will continue to monitor, review and act on.

Guest and employee Safety:

  • All visitors to our properties must sanitise their hands on entry and exit to the premises, and on entry to bars and restaurants
  • If an employee’s body temperature reads above 38*c, they will not be permitted to work, asked to leave the premises, and advised to seek medical assistance.
  • Employees will use PPE when required by regulations.
  • Safety equipment will be available for our guests including masks, gloves and sanitiser throughout the castles if required.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitation:

  • All our staff will complete and will continue to undergo focused training in relation to COVID-19 prior to reopening and accordingly as new updates/guidelines are made public; thus ensuring that all our guests are welcomed to our properties with the Romantic Castles of Ireland standard of service to which you have become accustomed, while we follow all necessary health and safety protocols.
  • Should our guests require porterage, luggage will be disinfected by our porters prior to, and after handling.
  • All bedroom and public areas will be thoroughly disinfected and sanitised throughout each day at increasingly frequent intervals using disinfectant solutions approved for the killing of COVID-19 and other viral infections.
  • Extra focus will be placed on high touch surfaces including public areas, the front reception desk, door handles, hand rails, public bathrooms, and elevator buttons and so on. High frequency touch surfaces have been identified and have been placed on an increased schedule of cleaning throughout each property.

Further measures:

  • In place of our traditional menus in our restaurant, guests will be offered individual menus (made from fully recyclable material) which will be disposed of after each guest use to avoid cross contamination.
  • For those guests preferring to eat and drink in the comfort of their own room, our traditional menus will be available. These will be fully sanitised after each guest use.
  • Room service orders will be delivered to our guest’s door to ensure minimal contact and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Sanitising stations will be available throughout the estates and near high touch points.
  • All delivery personnel will be required to adhere to strict social distancing measures

What happens if I begin to feel unwell during my stay?

If you or your family member(s) feel unwell or experience virus related symptoms, please contact reception immediately by phone who will inform the manager on duty /Covid-19 response team. We ask that our guests do not come to the front desk to report an illness but instead isolate in their room if possible.
Our Local Doctor or medical professional will be contacted to advise on next steps to be taken in line with HSE / government advice available at the time.

Our cancellation policy

We understand that during these uncertain times you may wish only to book provisionally until further information is available before deciding to travel.

Should you require further information with regard to your stay, please contact our reservations department by email.