Romantic Castles of Ireland Sustainability Policy
This policy and associated procedures apply to all employees within the Romantic castle of Ireland Group. Romantic Castles of Ireland is comprised of 4 castle hotels:

Cabra Castle Hotel
Bellingham Castle
Markree Castle
Ballyseede Castle

As Ireland’s largest independent and privately-owned collection of luxury castle wedding venues, we
provide employment for over 400 staff. We focus on providing unique events and bespoke wedding
ensuring a professional and memorable experience to our guests.

Each of the Romantic Castles of Ireland has its own distinct personality and charm that is rooted in,
and authentic to, the four provinces of Ireland. Featuring breath-taking grounds, exquisite menus,
luxurious bedrooms and reception rooms, each of the castles is located in one of the best
photographic locations in Ireland.

Each is a landmark in an outstanding location and has been selected for the qualities it offers every
guest; the incredible history, beautiful architecture, breath-taking surroundings and world-class

At the heart of our business is a warmth of service that stems from the Corscadden family
ownership, imbuing luxurious castles with the intimacy of a private home. Innovation and ongoing
investment ensure the finest quality; while our heritage lends character to our vision of informal
luxury, timeless style and the very best guest experience.

Each castle in the Romantic Castles of Ireland collection has been fully restored and refurbished,
offering a unique and impressive venue for conferences, events and bespoke weddings.

2.0 Policy
We recognise that sound business management must consider the effects of our business on the
environment and we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible

Our senior management, environmental management team and employees have a responsibility for
the environment and sustainability, which we will endeavour to influence, incorporate and promote
within our operations and the services we provide.

We are committed to achieving high standards of sustainable development in all areas of our
business, and to comply with all applicable compliance requirements.

We continually seek to ensure that our activities are carried out with minimal impact on the
environment, to enhance the environment wherever possible and are committed to the prevention
of pollution.

We encourage partnership with commissioners and stakeholders, including the community, our
network of supply chain partners, suppliers, customers, and employees to be accountable for the
impact of their actions upon the environment, and by setting annual targets, to strive for continual
Our aim is to develop, maintain, monitor and implement policies, procedures and management
systems which assess and minimise the environmental impact of our operations, particularly in
relation to:
• Sustainable Procurement of Goods & Services
• Consumption of Materials & Resources
• Efficient Energy Management
• Following Best Practice in Waste Management
• Control of Discharges & Emissions
• Commitment to Carbon Reduction

Progress in meeting our sustainable development objectives will be communicated regularly in
weekly Management Meetings, and will be communicated to employees both in person and via our
online systems, including MyZimply, E-mails, MS Teams, and the new Digi Eco Training Platform.

Information is also shared externally to promote and influence our Supply chain partners.

3.0 Sustainable Development Management
Our daily business encompasses a wide range of processes from the sourcing of products and
services to the delivery of internal and external services.

The three principal elements most likely to impact on the environment are:
• The consumption of fossil fuels as a consequence of all business activities, including the
heating and lighting of premises, as well as fuel used for cooking and laundering of our linens
• The use of resource materials, including water, glass, paper, food products, natural products
used in the development of plastics & chemicals, edible plant materials
• Waste management including waste arising from materials used within Romantic Castles of Ireland properties for
the provision of F&B and accommodation services, paper office waste, carboard &
packaging from supplier products, and disposal of products and waste generated by our

4.0 Environmental &sustainability management
Romantic Castles of Ireland has appointed an environmental & sustainability management team comprised of
management and employees across all departments. Our E& SM Team is responsible for driving
forward our environmental objectives and targets. The team consists of senior managers and key
members of staff around the organisation that have a major influence over business activities.

The overall objective is to improve and sustain our business operations for the benefit of all, both
now and for future generations, recognising the links between the environment and the local
communities we serve, for employability and skills services and the further development of an
inclusive society.

5.0 Community, Environment & Social Value Committee
Romantic Castles of Ireland have named employees who will be accountable for the delivery of objectives dedicated to benefiting the environment, our employees, and the communities we serve.

Romantic Castles of Ireland is committed to sufficient investment to ensure objectives for community, environment and social value can be delivered within planned timescales, meeting rigorous standards including transparency, and measurement of impact.

6.0 Employee Ownership
Romantic Castles of Ireland is an independent, family owned and run group of castle hotels which aims to provide strong employee involvement in the delivery and oversight of objectives, and assurance that our social values are behind every decision, service and strategy.

7.0 Change History and Sign-off
This policy is endorsed by the Directors and senior management within each of the Romantic Castles of Ireland properties.